Industrial Timers

Borg programmable industrial time switches are for applications where it is required that electrical circuits be switched on/off in periodically occurring cycles, E.G., electrical appliances, heating and ventilation systems, furnaces, annealing and drying ovens, automatic feeding machines, testing apparatus, laboratory equipment, protection and alarm systems.

Borg Series 880 & 880/1
Borg Quartz Series 887
Diehl Synchronous Series 220/270
Diehl Synchronous Series 222/272
Flash Series 16000
Diehl Digital Series 300
Diehl Series 884/1 Channel
Diehl Series 884/2 Channel
Diehl Synchronous Series 100
Borg Series 650
Diehl Series 884/1 Channel
PolTik Series 487
PolTik Series 600/601
Diehl Selfmat Enclosure
Series 880/G Housing