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Popular applications include: heaters, filters, pumps, indoor lighting, outdoor, lighting, signs, fans, pool heaters, blowers, air conditioning units, automatic feeders, security and alarm systems








Timer Delivery for the Flash Series 16000 timeswitch:
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Diehl Series 300 Digital Timeswitch 40 Amp

Diehl Series 300 40 Amp Digital Timeswitch

Borg General Controls LLC is the exclusive North American distributor of OEM Timers and Industrial timers from some of the world's most respected timer manufacturers - AKO Timers, Diehl Control Timers and Flash Timers.

Digital time switch

Description of Series 300 Digital Timeswitch

Diehl Series 300 24 Hour / 7 day 40 Amp Digital Time Switch which provides precise timing with the flexibility of daily and/or weekly programming. Simple and fast setting by means of push buttons and display prompts. Built-in 5 year reserve allows you to set it and forget it.

Applications for the Series 300

A list of some of the typical uses Heater, Filters, pumps, fans, signs, blowers, indoor and outdoot lighting, feeders, security/alarm systems and process controls.

Standard Features

  • 24 hour / 7 day timing combined
  • 8 ON/OFF opertions daily
  • Repeat programs provide up to 63 switching cycles per week
  • Minimum time setting: 1 minute
  • Lithium batery provides minimum 5 year reserve (un-powered)
  • Large, easy to read LCD display
  • 24 hour display (military or AM/PM)
  • Manual override
  • Skip a day programming

Approvals for the Flash Quartz Programmable Timeswitch

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At Borg General Controls we carry Diehl Timers, spa timers, light timers, electronic timers
Digital Timer Switches for indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, signs, pool heater timers, pool filter timers, pumps, fans, air conditioner timers, converyor, blower motor timers, electrical fence timers

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Quartz Timers for your Heating systems, feeders and process controls

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