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Diehl Programmable Digital Timer - Great for pools heaters, pool filters, pumps, fans, signs, blowers, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, deer feeders, alarm systems, and process controls

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Programmable Timers, Electronic Timers, Spa timers, Pool Timers, timer relays, electromechanical timers, electric timers, diehl timers

Diehl Controls Timers, Borg Timers, PolTik Timers and Flash Timers

Borg General Controls LLC has one of the largest supply of Diehl timers in stock ready for shipping!
Borg General Controls LLC is the exclusive North American distributor of OEM Timers and Industrial timers from some of the world's most respected timer manufacturers - AKO Timers, Diehl Control Timers and Flash Timers. Borg Timers and PolTik Timers

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At Borg General Controls we carry almost 400 different Industrial Timers, Digital Timers, Diehl Controls OEM Timers, AKO OEM Timers and Flash OEM Timers.
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